Elgbu – a place we currently call home

Hey Friends! Its me again your favourite travelling husky. Last time we spoke my family and I had left England, taken a European road trip and arrived in Norway. That was around 6 weeks ago! I know, hard to believe its been that long right? Since arriving we’ve been non stop exploring; hiking, sightseeing, learning... Continue Reading →

From Newcastle to Norway

So here we are, we’ve safely arrived at our destination in Norway! And its fantastic. So far its everything mum told me it would be and more. But before I go on to tell you about our Nordic adventures I have a tale to tell about the journey over here. The 1,400 miles that our... Continue Reading →

The Journey Begins

Hey there! Or being a born and bred Geordie i should say 'Alreet pet'. Im going to presume you've read my opening page and we've already been introduced? No? Well in a nutshell the names Phoenix, I'm an 8 month old Siberian Husky, with 2 four-legged sisters and 2 mams.   We currently live in... Continue Reading →

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