The Journey Begins

Hey there!

Or being a born and bred Geordie i should say ‘Alreet pet’.

Im going to presume you’ve read my opening page and we’ve already been introduced?

No? Well in a nutshell the names Phoenix, I’m an 8 month old Siberian Husky, with 2 four-legged sisters and 2 mams.

Me & my Yorkshire Mam


We currently live in Newcastle, England but will shortly and when i say shortly i mean in 3 days, be packing up the car and setting off on a European adventure. Pretty crazy right!?

Hence the new blog. Now you can start from the beginning with us. We’re looking to connect with friends old and new and inspire dogs to take their humans travelling. Im going to share the highs and lows of our travels and give you any tips that I think might be useful.


Looking out to pastures new

Decision making time, to go or not to go?

So. One day your mam sits you and your sister’s down and says ‘how do you feel about a trip through Europe?’ Great!! Exciting!! Halo (the collie in the photo) even ran upstairs to dig out her bikini, she’s a wimp in the cold so she dreams of Italy, Greece, Spain – sun, sea and sangria! Slipping on her sarong and watching the boys go by.

No need for my sun hat then?

‘No love’, said in true Yorkshire style by my Yorkshire born mam. We’re road tripping to our destination in Norway where we will spend some time exploring Norwegian life. Well, at this point my friends i can tell you i keeled over laughing, i actually let a howl out. My sisters face! Priceless. Sorry Halo, we will be in Norway for the winter, go and find your fur coat.

The decision was easy, my parents are both ex military and worry that if they stay in the same place too long they’ll get stuck. Me and my sisters are equally as adventurous.

Dreaming of adventure since i was young

In the past 8 months mums spent time taking us on mini adventures around the UK, getting us used to travelling by car, train, boats, we even used the London Underground! That place is so busy! Although i stayed as close as i could to mum i knew if we got separated i have a chip in my neck so she can find me again.

Microchip – check

Next stop Pet Passport. Now don’t worry my fury friends this process is quite simple. Theres no running or strength tests, if there was my older sister Tego would be retiring with her grandparents here in Newcastle, she’s getting lazy in her old age.

Closed passport only. The photo is just embarrassing!

At our appointment the 3 of us went in to see the vet together, there wasn’t much space left in the room and he definitely needed to hoover afterwards. In turn he gave us a quick look over; teeth, chest, tummy, hips, don’t worry he didn’t insert anything anywhere! Much to my relief as my next door neighbour Arthur told me he needed to do an internal… oh Arthur you crazy cocker spaniel, such a joker.

Next the vet checked we were all up to date with flea and worming treatment. Then we each had our rabies injection, this meant we couldn’t leave the country for 21 days.

He signed things, stuck labels on things and sent us on our way.

When we return its important to have tapeworm treatment 1 – 5 days before arriving  back in the UK.

And thats it, the documents are in place. Now for the fun to begin.

Meet you all back here at the weekend when we will be well on our way to Norway!

Take care fur friends x


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