Elgbu – a place we currently call home

Hey Friends! Its me again your favourite travelling husky. Last time we spoke my family and I had left England, taken a European road trip and arrived in Norway. That was around 6 weeks ago! I know, hard to believe its been that long right?

Since arriving we’ve been non stop exploring; hiking, sightseeing, learning how to survive the Norwegian weather – easy for me with my fur coat but apparently my softie collie sister needs time to adjust, she’s very precious.


We have so many stories to share with you guys I’m getting my paws working quick time to write it all down.

In this post I’d just like to mention our dog friendly accommodation that were staying in. Wow! You guys need to see this place for yourself. Once stepping through the front door the place is like a mansion, a small mansion, but you know what I mean. There’s 4 main bedrooms and the loft is converted for children with 4 single beds – one for me and my sisters and a spare when my ginger mum kicks my geordie mum out of bed.

Elgbu – our fabulous holiday home

The cabin is owned by a couple who live around 30 minutes away, their on hand if you need anything but otherwise leave you to enjoy their place. Its fitted with a pool and sauna too, a no dog zone or so the humans think, once their out we crank up the tunes, get the unicorn lilos out and party until the car pulls up outside.

If you find yourself looking for dog friendly accommodation in the Rogaland region of Norway, its around 5 miles from Vikesa, check out this place on Airbnb.

That’s all for now. Thanks for coming along. Keep an eye out for our posts coming up – a day trip to Stavanger and walking the route to Manafossen Waterfall.

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