Stavanger, do you accommodate 4 legged tourists?

Since arriving in Norway we’ve visited Stavanger on a pawful of occasions. Mums needed to pop to this shop or drop a visiting family member at that place. What we hadn’t done is take the trip together to immerse ourselves in the sounds, smells and sights of the city, and let me tell you there were a lot of smells! Foreign dog scents everywhere.

But how dog friendly is Stavanger?


This all depends on what you’re looking for. If it’s a spending spree through the back lanes, in and out of the boutique shops with your human by your side then in my fluffy opinion Stavanger is not the city for you. Many of the shops didn’t let my 4 paws through the threshold to shed my fur over their products. Some shops had what looked like a dog parking area outside of them with loops for our leads to connect. Needless to say I used my blue eyes in a puppy like pose so my human stayed with me. No shopping for her, more dog treats for me!


There’s a number of cafes and eateries dotted around this port city, many with seating areas outside. So yes, that’s right, the humans have to sit outside with us, no more leaving us in the cold whilst they go and enjoy a warm drink. But its fair to say that people and dog watching is actually a guilty pleasure of ours so we often sit outside whatever the weather and wherever the place.


We found that walking around Stavanger was easy, there wasn’t any crowds to fight through, not like the time we went to London, theres just a steady flow of people and the occasional “Ooooo a husky”. If you’re a fan (like my mum is) of street art, graffiti or in her case anything with bright colours, then strolling around the streets together finding art hidden in all sorts of wonderful places is an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon and tire your paws.


Stavanger is host to beautiful architecture; Valberg Tower, Stavanger Cathedral and Gamle Stavanger ( the old town ) to name a few. These places are each within walking distance of each other, so if you haven’t already realised by now, this is a great place to go for a city dog walk. In the centre there is a lake with a fountain, depending on the day of the week it offers sports equipment hire and we were told that theres often a market on the side road, but we’re yet to experience this.


Transport links to the city are good, there’s plenty of parking areas, the buses and trains are also dog friendly. All in all, we feel that Stavanger is a city that can accommodate a short city break for man and mans best friend (or woman in our case).

2 thoughts on “Stavanger, do you accommodate 4 legged tourists?

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  1. Lovely City, surprises round every corner. How are you doing with the Lanuage Phoenix? Your Geordie barkccent should help, we’re pretty closely related to the Norwegians. Really enjoying the blog. Lots of love to you all. X


    1. Hello over there in Geordie land. Stavanger was beautiful, we’ve been back a couple of times since and each time we find new things to see. Working hard on the barkccent, the yorkshire mum is still sounding very yorkshire 🙂 take care, thanks for reading xx


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