Road Trip! To where? I don’t know, do you know? No idea, lets just go!

Road Trip!!! Destination: somewhere in Norway.

I’m sat in the passenger seat ready for my co-pilot duties and there’s nothing I love more than hanging my head out of the car window feeling the wind in my fur, the fresh air on my face and the……..



That lorry went passed a little bit too close and a little bit too fast, it made me jump and ooops I let out a little pump, now mum can feel that in her face, she’s not impressed, I’m banished into the boot.


Hi Halo.

And that’s how most of our road trips start.

Unlike some adventures that are just a day, me and mum, this weekend it was both parents and both sisters, with an unknown destination. You might be thinking that we must have had an idea where we’re going, a general direction perhaps? But no, it truly was unknown, the decision to turn left or right at the end of our street needed a family meeting.

We turned right and kept on going.

From the moment the stalk delivered me to my mums (or they picked me up from dog dad) they’ve been keen on building my confidence in the car, travelling is a big part of our lives and to not be comfy in the car would either mean I sit on the roof rack or stay with grandma (both good options in my eyes but I’d prefer to travel with the family). So we practiced – in the boot, the back seat, the front seat, in a crate, with a seat belt, all different ways until mums were happy I was happy. My favourite is up front, in the passenger seat – top tip for any dogs currently in car training, the front is the best – this is normally where the food is!

So we’re on the road, 4 hours into our road trip. We’ve stopped for fuel, snacks, photos and toilets.


Xena’s new winter wheels are doing their job, sticking to the road in the snowy conditions and the views are fantastic.


Their so good in fact that its quite annoying, I’m settling down in the boot for my car nap, the next minute the boot opens and I’m out again for a picture, another picture, and another, seriously parents you are turning into crazy dog people who only have photos on their phones of their dogs!


Another quick toilet stop and a chance for mum to pour a cup of Yorkshire tea  – the women cant function without it. We found a tourist information map so have some sort of idea where we are. Ok, were in Valle. Not heard of it before but its nice.


Unbeknown to us we were on a popular tourist road that leads through the mountains and has plenty of scenic attractions on the way. Looking back over the past 5 hours its easy to see why its so popular. We’d taken the number 45 road from Byrkjedal and landed in Valle – if your ever in the area we recommend this route but be sure to check the road conditions.

At this point its getting to tea time, my older sister gets grouchy about 5.30pm when she knows she should be getting fed. Its time to find somewhere to sleep; a cosy hotel, room service and a warm dressing gown should do nicely, I’m quite accustomed to hotel life – that’s another thing my mums have made me practice.

Remembering the good times back in April

“Hey look, there’s a campsite and we have our tent in the roof box”


Now I’m an adventurous dog and love the outdoors but camping when the suns shining brightly and still there’s a layer of frost on the ground and the daytime temperature is 2 degrees – is that a wise idea?

Too late, the decision is made, the indicator is on for a left turn and into the campsite we go.

Come back for part 2 of our road trip to see if we survived the night at -5.




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