Dalsnuten – Norway

Dalsnuten – Altitude: 324m

Route Start: Gramstad visitor centre (other options are available)

Parking: Free

This clearly marked route was an enjoyable walk to the peak of Dalsnuten where there’s wonderful views of Stavanger, Sandnes and beyond.

Our walk started at the visitor centre which provides numerous options for trails around the area.


Initially the track is flat and well maintained leading past a beautiful lake and through woodland.


The other side of the woodland was an open area, with flatter ground and a meeting place with our good friends – sheep.  We have 2 huskies that obsess over them and a collie that doesn’t notice they exist.


As the trail progresses there’s options to ascend to the left side or the right. From a Norwegian friend we learned that the right side was steeper and might be slightly more difficult with 3 dogs each preferring to go in their own direction. This option sounded more of a challenge so we chose to walk to the right. The left is a slower incline with less of a scramble.

The trail soon broke off into a more natural footpath, uneven and unforgiving.


Continuing to follow the trail markings we found ourselves at the foot of the mountain staring upward and for a moment not being sure where the disappeared too, only the sight of rocks and boulders leading to the summit.

If your dog is off the lead trained this gives you a slight advantage as you can use both hands to assist yourself up some of the bigger rocks but please check out the rules regarding dogs of the lead at the time of year you visit.

At the top the weather had remained fairly fine and we had spectacular 360 views.


Walking over the top of the mountain to the left we followed the route to descend. This path was easier underfoot and provided a steady walking pace than the steep incline on the ascent.


Back down the mountain, a meeting with the sheep and we were almost back to the car.

Our walk took around 2 hours; this gave us plenty of time to enjoy the summit. Please leave us any comments if you have also visited this area and what you thought.


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